Introducing the perfectly stylish yet practical gift for the women you love

The world’s first decorative pillow subscription, exclusively from Tyg Décor.

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The power of a pillow

There’s a reason women love throw pillows: the right one has the unique power to change the way she feels about her home.

With alluring colors and rich patterns and textures, our pillows tie together furniture and flooring, walls and accents to make a room both stylish and inviting.

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The beauty of choice

Her satisfaction is guaranteed when designers choose suggestions for her. When you purchase a pillow subscription, you’ll receive a unique voucher that she can use to finish signing up for her subscription.

She’ll answer a couple of quick questions about her style, and then our designers will hand-pick pillows we think she’ll love. We’ll let her know what we’re thinking, and if she doesn’t absolutely love them, she can work with us to select her the pillows she’d prefer.

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If she likes pillows,
she’ll LOVE these

We obsessed over every detail of sourcing, manufacture, and craftsmanship until we created a collection of decorative pillows that deliver quality rivaling the kind found in expensive luxury boutiques.

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How does the subscription work?

Her subscription provides her with new, boutique-quality designs, hand-picked for her, every three months for a year.

Her first shipment will include pillows filled with our eco-friendly, up-cycled, poly-fiber stuffed inserts for each pillow in the subscription.

In each subsequent shipment, she’ll receive boutique-quality covers hand-picked by our designers just for her. She’ll be able to zip the covers onto the inserts to quickly and easily change the look of her rooms whenever she wants.

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Zippered covers let her change her pillows without any of the hassle, extra storage, or expense she’s come to expect.

She’ll enjoy the luxury of regularly updating her décor, without having to cram pillows into already overstuffed closets or storage chests. Covers store easily on a shelf or in a dresser, and they’ll be ready for her the next time she wants to change up the look of her home.

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Don’t delay.

Reserve the perfect gift today and make this Mother’s Day one she’ll always remember. Purchase before Mother's Day and we’ll send you a beautiful, unique certificate with a special code she can use to sign up for her subscription.

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Her subscription gift

Fulfilled in three simple steps

Enhance Gift Card

1 insert + 4 covers total

Enhance Subscription

A $166 value & 40% savings

4 deliveries per year
Tailored to your style

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Refresh Gift Card

2 inserts + 8 covers total

Refresh Subscription

A $332 value & 56% savings

4 deliveries per year
Tailored to your style

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Revitalize Gift Card

4 inserts + 16 covers total

Revitalize Subscription

A $664 value & 62% savings

4 deliveries per year
Tailored to your style

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I order the gift?

After placing your order, you will receive an email 12-24 hours later containing instructions and a PDF of a gift certificate with a unique code the recipient can use when she signs up for her subscription. We make it easy for her to tell us what styles and colors of pillows she'd like to receive.

What is included in the subscription?

The price of the subscription is all-inclusive, for one year (including shipping).

In your first shipment, for each pillow you get a pillow cover that is filled with a reusable insert custom-made of eco-friendly poly. The inserts are made to our specification to give your pillows just the right shape, heft, and comfort. Each subsequent shipment you receive during the year will include our premium zip-on, zip-off pillow covers so you can change up your pillows with the seasons or your style.

Do I get to pick the pillows or are they picked for me?

Both! Here’s how it works. When you sign up for a subscription, we pick pillows for that match your style and color preference. If you love them, do nothing and we’ll ship them the next week. If you want different designs, just respond by email and our designers will adjust the shipment.

When I order a two or four pillow subscription, is each pillow a different pattern or do I get pairs of the same pattern?

Most people we’ve talked to want pairs of pillows, so that’s what we send you. But if your style is more whimsical and eclectic and you love to mix up your patterns, we make it easy for you to mix and match your order.

Is the subscription recurring? Am I automatically signed up each year until I say no, or I have to sign-up each year?

Your gift subscription is a one-time, non-recurring gift that provides one-year’s worth of shipments. If she loves her gift as much as we think she will, you can extend her subscription next year. ;)

Do I get to keep my pillows, or do I have to return them?

You get to keep your pillows! Every pillow cover and insert we send you is yours to keep. When your new shipment arrives, all it takes for you to transform your room is to unzip your pillows and zip on your freshly arrived covers.

What do I do with my pillow covers I’m not using?

The beauty of zip-on, zip-off covers is that they’re easy to store. You can lie them flat on a shelf, hang them in a closet, pack them away in a box, or display them for everyone to admire.

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