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We source the finest materials from around the world

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Crafted to the highest standards.

For most home décor companies, accessories are an afterthought—just one more thing to sell you after you get that expensive couch. At Tyg Décor, we want to change that. We believe your accessories should take center stage. A premium pillow can make any space look more amazing and feel more luxurious. You’re meticulous when it comes to clothing accessories, why should home decor be any different?

Whether you’re looking for something trendsetting or for something timeless we have the styles and fabrics that will help you create a home that is truly reflects your individuality. Transform any space with our unique, fashion-forward decorative throw pillows and express your style.

We love making at-home luxury an at-home reality, and we strive to provide you with the inspiration you need to turn your house into a haven. We believe in catering to your individuality by providing a wide range of designer styles and premium fabrics—rejuvenate your home with our superior accessories, rejuvenate your life with our superior service.

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Tyg Decor 20 Inch Pillows

Decadent fabrics

We source premium fabrics from around the world. Our exclusive designs are woven to ensure authentic texture and luxurious detailing.

Tyg Decor Double Reinforced Stitching

Double reinforced stitching

Our master seamstresses double-stitch every seam, ensuring your pillows stand the test of time without pilling and puckering.

Tyg Decor Premium Quality

Top of the line zippers

Each of our “zip-on, zip-off” covers uses top-quality color-matched zippers that are as strong as they are soft to the touch.

Our craftsmanship,
your individuality

True craftsmanship has a purpose. We pay attention to every detail to ensure you truly feel at home—let us help you create a safe, luxurious space away from the everyday.

Tyg Decor Craftsmanship

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